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Traditional marketing meets digital

Redline Affinity uses a diverse number of marketing techniques-- some traditional, tried and true, some technologically innovative and groundbreaking-- in order to connect automobile retailers to the ideal prospective buyer.


Incorporating new digital marketing with traditional advertising

Traditional outbound advertising like display advertising has helped get modern day auto dealerships to where they are today, much like the Model T helped to establish Ford as the pioneer of the automobile industry. Defying the passage of time, a classic Model T will always turn heads. Similarly, traditional marketing tactics, such as television commercials, radio advertising, and mass mailings, have set the foundation of what the population expects from sellers. But at the end of a long, arduous day of calling, pitching, angling, spieling and schmoozing, why not enhance your advertising and thus expedite sales by means of marketing’s newest, most innovative technology? To put it another way, even if you have several beautifully restored Model-Ts in your garage, what harm could come from testing out a 2017 GT?

Through predictive analytics, Redline Affinity aggregates copious amounts of digital data to create a thorough, comprehensive understanding of future buyers who are in the most likely position to start car-shopping now. This data can also indicate when buyers are likely to start shopping in the future and how soon marketing campaigns should be implemented in order to eclipse competitors. With all of this data, inbound marketing tactics are customized to meet the needs of each purchaser, thus building instantaneous, personalized bridges from seller to buyer. As automobile sales increase, the costs previously spent on unnecessarily broad, expensive marketing tactics go the way of the horse and carriage.
We live in a fast-paced, technologically savvy generation of enthusiastic purchasers who want sellers to approach them as individuals with specific and timely needs, rather than as items on a spreadsheet. As a cutting-edge twenty-first century marketing company, we map out the speediest route to future buyers. It’s all smooth coasting from there.